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Sunlight is the light and energy that comes from the Sun. When this energy reaches the earth’s surface, it is called Insolation. What we experience as sunlight is actually solar radiation. It is the radiation and heat from the Sun in the form of electromagnetic waves. – Know More


Solar Benefits

Economical Savings

Solar energy has existed as long as the sun—about 5 billion years. Solar energy is essential for agricultural cultivation and production of crops. This Solar Energy is freely and abundantly available in most parts of India (Avg. 300 Sunny Days)that can be used to fulfil our hunger for energy. Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. Large number of Solar cells are grouped together to form solar Panel. These solar panels can be used to generate electricity. Earlier Initial cost for Solar products was too high for the common man but due to Continuous research in the field of Solar Technology efficiency of solar panels has increased. Which leads to decrease in cost for solar products. This itself has increased the affordability of solar products. Installation of solar rooftop PV system can lead to big savings on daily energy expenses for home as well as commercial use.

Clean & Green Energy

India is a developing country; hence it is having higher energy demands. To fulfil this demand we use Thermal, Nuclear, Hydro & Renewable Power. Up to 67% of Total Demand has been fulfilled by thermal power which leads to different kinds of pollution and major global crisis i.e. Global Warming. Nowadays Global warming is a major concern for world and mankind. Apart from this scenario, Solar Products doesn’t lead to any kind of pollution. Hence Solar energy is treated as Clean & Green Energy. Use of Solar Energy is a good solution to overcome Global warming and it has potential to fulfil ever increasing Energy demand of India without affecting the natural ecosystem.

Government Support

India, Fourth largest carbon emitter in the world has signed Paris agreement on climate change in decades. According to the agreement, India aims to produce 40% of its electricity from non-fossil fuel to 60% till 2030.

Seeking to this agreement government has taken a major decision to promote Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission (JNSM) widely in every corner of the country.

Continued on the same line of action government has framed and implemented net metering policy in the whole country also to give a major boost to solar energy system usage government is giving upto 30 % subsidy to rooftop solar PV system & upto 80 % subsidy to the agricultural solar water pump.

Arin Energy will help you at its best to apply for the subsidy.

Advance Technology

With the Technological development of mankind, solar technology has been evolved to extract energy from freely & abundantly available source called the sun.

In recent years solar thermal & solar PV is changed the way you are living in the world. With the continuous technological developments efficiency of solar PV has increased resulting in more electricity units generating per day.

The main technological advantage of solar PV is its long life with very low maintenance.

We at Arin Energy ensures best designing solution as per your need, Our technical team will provide you best possible design & installation of the system which will ensure maximum efficiency resulting in more economic benefits for you.

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