Solar Net Metering

solar net metering

There are certainly a number of advantages to adopting Solar Net Metering. Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects is the concept of net metering. Let’s take a closer look at how this concept can put money back into your pocket while putting more energy back into the grid.

What is Solar Net Metering ???

Solar Net Metering allows you to synchronize your Solar rooftop System with the National Grid. Due to which we can get 24*7 Electricity & also can send excess electricity produced by the solar rooftop PV system to the grid. In Day Time electricity production by solar rooftop system is more than the actual electricity needs so the excess electricity is fed to the Grid and termed as Export Units. While at Night when the System is Off then we fulfil our electrical needs by taking out the electricity from the grid termed as Import Units.

Actual Electricity bill is calculated from these Import & Export Units. If Import Units are more than the Export Units then a consumer has to pay the electricity bill. If Export units are Equal to or more than the Import Units then the consumer doesn’t need to pay the electricity bill. Let’s Understand this by some Examples.

Electricity cost= 3 Rs/Unit











Export Import Difference



100 150 50



150 150 0



200 100 100(Credit)



How does Solar Net Metering work ???

Solar Rooftop PV System will generate the most power during the day. This is the time when you use the least amount of power. The excess produced electricity during the day is then transferred back to the grid. Then it gets consumed by other consumers. You receive a credit for the power that you sent to the grid. In fact, your Net Meter will save this reading under Export Units.

During the Night, the solar system doesn’t produce power and you consume a significant amount of power. At this time you will need to draw energy from the grid. Electricity drawn from the grid is saved in the meter as Import Units. At the end of the month, you will receive a credit if you contribute more to the grid than you use. For the months in which you use more than you contribute, you will only have to pay the net difference between what you contribute (Export) and what you use(Import).

What are the benefits of solar net metering???

The main benefit of Net Metering is that it reduces your monthly electricity bill by a huge amount. No matter how much electricity you have used, you will only have to pay just the fixed charge. so you become Independent from the constantly rising prices of electricity.

Another benefit of Net Metering is that you can transfer the excess electrical units to the Grid. Due to this facility, you can transfer electricity to the grid in day time and take back it in the night and still, you won’t get any electricity bill. Net Metering eliminated the price slab mechanism used by the DISCOMS for calculating electricity bills. In Net Metering calculation are based on Units without any price slab.

Is solar net metering available in all states and cities of India???

Yes, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has made the policy for Solar Net Metering to be implemented in all over India. Still, State-based DISCOMs have made their respective policies regarding Solar Net Metering.

Is net metering(On Grid) is better than going off grid???

Well, it depends on your need. On Grid system is recommended in Urban areas where power cutoffs are very rare. The off-grid system is recommended in rural areas where there are frequent electricity cutoffs. Also, Off Grid system requires constant maintenance but on grid system doesn’t require any maintenance.

solar net metering

What are other incentives besides net metering available for solar systems???

MNRE has declared 30 % Subsidy for Residential Consumers who opt for Rooftop Solar Net Metering.

What Capacity of System is Required for my House/Factory???

We have developed a special calculator for calculating system size for various customers depending on their needs Go to Solar Calculator


















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